Best AC DC TIG Welder – Top 9 Picks with Reviews 2021

Unlike traditional welders, the best Ac Dc Tig Welder efficiently controls the heat and gives you loftier welding for small and thinner metals. It would help if you had proficiency, expertise, and patience to have a successful TIG weld.

After mastering MIG skills, buying a capable and high-quality TIG welder becomes essential to take your skill to the next level.  TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas is the most tangled type of welding that ensures the finest welds without producing smoke or spatter.

What makes TIG the most rewarding type of welding is its capability of welding a wide range of metals with lots of operational control over the weld as compared to other welding techniques.

Are you know: Difference Between AC and DC Welding

A Quick Glimpse

Image Product Feature Price
Best Overall
  • Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Power Source: AC/DC PULSE
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Best for budget
LOTOS – Best Budget AC DC TIG Welder
  • Weight: 58.8 Pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power Source: AC/DC
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Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG AC/DC TIG Welder
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Power Source: AC/DC
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Everlast PowerTIG255 EXT Digital AC/DC TIG
  • Weight: 85 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: AC/DC
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ESAB AC/DC Multi-Process TIG Welder
  • Weight: 59 Pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source: AC/DC
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Everlast Power Pro 256Si AC DC TIG Welder
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: AC/DC
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  • Weight: 30 Pounds
  • Power Source: AC/DC
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TIG Welder, Diversion 180, 120-240VAC
  • Weight: 65 Pounds
  • Material: Ceramic, Steel
  • Power Source: AC/DC
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Lightning 275 AC/DC TIG
  • Weight: 84 Pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source: AC
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List of Best AC DC Tig Welders

There are numerous AC/DC TIG welders available with different price tags having different features. Prices are based on the features and there is a possibility of missing the important feature you need but miss due to the high price tag.

So nothing to worry about, as this review article is thoroughly explaining every product including budget welders, semi-professionals, and professionals welders with AC/DC helping you to get the best AC DC Tig Welder for you.




  • Weld Aluminum, Stainless Steel and other metals
  • Modern Inverter technology
  • Light weight – Easy to move
  • 60 % duty cycle

Primeweld TIG 225 amp is arguably one of the ac dc tig welders with unique features satisfying the pro and amateur welders worldwide. It has been made and designed to fulfill contemporary modern welders for sure.

Advanced Features

With a combination of 225amp, AC DC Tig welding with stick functions, the machine is perfectly suitable for welding aluminum, stainless steel, and other thinner metals. It also features a pulse function setting, offering both professional and hobby welders an extensive range of machine uses.

This tig welder comes with CK worldwide series Superflex tig torch, CK dense connector with flex head, and CK super flex hose making it one of the most capable welders, particularly for low amperage welding. The best part is that the complete torch setup is USA-made and durable.

The Primeweld Tig is the most reliable machine because of the Advance Inverter Technology with Pulse Width Modulation collaboration with  IGBT technology featuring in the device.

Precise Welding Control

Featuring both a precise and high-quality metal foot pedal and hand switch makes it most comfortable operating and controlling the heat and torch, respectively. It is a lightweight, flexible and handy tool perfectly suitable to be used even in odd scenarios.  It has a 60% duty cycle, which is good to perform welding tasks.

Voltage Input

Equipped with a full range of pulse functions, the machine gives high performance on both 110v and 220v. It also has super cleaning control for AC making it a versatile tig welder in such an economical price range. Moreover, the machine is backed by a 3-year warranty, which is amazing.


  • Equipped with pulse arc capabilities
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Offers both hand and foot control
  • Wide range of setting
  • Good for aluminum, steel and thinner metals


  • Foot pedal is not easy to use

2. LOTOS – Best Budget AC DC TIG Welder

Lotos tig 200 ACDC


  • 80% Power efficiency in welding
  • Also Suitable for Stick and MMA Welders
  • Includes Modern Cooling System
  • 60 % duty cycle

Being a good budget tig welder, Lotos TIG AC/DC is a perfect machine for professional and weekend enthusiasts looking for industrial quality features in a hardworking and affordable welder. The exciting part is that it comes with all the important parts to give you a good start.

Advanced Features

Featuring a 200A AC square-wave inverter, the Lotos ensures accurate welding for aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and other materials made of metals with 80% power efficiency

This machine is suitable for stick and MMA welders. That is why it offers 15 to 200 Amp electric current output making it great for commercial and hobby activities.

This aluminum tig significantly improves the Arc-Starting functions, including an easy Arc starter, stable welding Arc, deep weld pool and beautiful welding shape, and adjustable hot striking Arc current. It is also suitable for welding involving various types of Acid or basic electrodes.   

The PAPST Advanced Cooling System of this welder is outstanding and ensures stable and durable plasma cutters’ performance.

The exciting part is that it gives continuous welding without worrying about the power breakage. It gives complete control and setting, making it a perfect choice for enthusiastic welders.

Precise Welding Control

For a clean and consistent arc, the machine features an HF start hand torch control. Further,  the precise foot pedal controls heat under a variety of situations.  The welder has a 60% duty cycle suitable for most welding tasks.

Voltage Input

It features a dual voltage input that works automatically depending on the intensity of the work at hand. This dual 120v and 220v power input capability allows you to perform light and heavy tasks with ease and efficiency. The LOTOS offer a 30-day refund with a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatic dual voltage system
  • Suitable for welding aluminum, steel and mild steel
  • Industrial quality features
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for heavy tasks
  • Foot control is somewhat unsatisfactory

3. Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG AC/DC TIG Welder

Hobart 500551 EZ-Tig Welder


  • Single Knob Control Machine
  • Automatically Fan on When Required
  • Light Weight AC/DC TIG

Since there are complicated tig welders available on the market, the Hobart EZ-TIG with a unique single-knob control on the front, making it one of the simplest welders with easy setup and use.  You only need to adjust power, set material, and required thickness, and you are good to go.

Advanced Features

With an impressive Fan-On-Demand feature, the machine performs wonderfully. This feature allows the fan to run automatically when required. And it reduces the dust and debris that comes in the welder during operations. Thus, it is an energy-saving welder.

For better welds, the EZ-TIG features a high-frequency arc starting with Infinite Amperage Control, giving you the vast operating range with adequate control. You only need to plug it into 230 VAC, connect the gas, and be ready to weld.

The Hobart Tig has an inverter-based design that is lightweight and offers superior weld performance from 22 gauges to 3/16 in AC and DC. This machine has two handles making it anywhere you want, making it great for portability.

The EZ-TIG offers AC DC power output, which helps weld oxidized steel, and the amperage range from 10A TO 165A allows you to enjoy stable arc and crater filling. The EZ-TIG welder is suitable for low amperage while maintaining efficiency and consistency for quality welds.

Precise Welding Control

This tig features a noncontact arc start, and you can strike an arc by simply pressing the pedal. This HF start prevents the tungsten and other material contamination and produces a more refined and clean weld. At 165A, this TIG welder has a 20% duty cycle.

Voltage Input

EZ-TIG 165i is only compatible with 230 volts making it difficult to use with your standard household power supply. Direct and alternating current is required to make it functional. For aluminum welding, the AC is used, whereas, for stainless steel welds, the DC is highly preferred.


  • Infinite Amperage Control offer consistent weld
  • Incredibly simple user interface’
  • Fan-On-Demand technology reduces dust and debris
  • Durable and portable
  • High temperature shutdown


  • Does not perform heavy duty jobs
  • Restricted range of metal thickness

4. Everlast PowerTIG255 EXT Digital AC/DC TIG

Everlast PowerTIG255 EXT Digital AcDc Tig Stick Pulse Welder


  • IGBT Technology
  • Multiple AC Waveforms
  • Enhanced Circuit – Reduce Repair Cost
  • Suitable for both Aluminum and Steel Materials

Everlast Power TIG 225 is digital inverter-based delivering exceptional power and performance because of the unique features making it distinguish from others. It offers versatile solutions while maintaining simple operation.

Advanced Features

One of the most significant benefits of this Power 225 EXT is reliability and performance for heavy-duty tasks. With IGBT Power Modules, the machine offers quality welds; this is what you pay for.

Surprisingly, this PowerTig has a proper low amp operation that goes down to 3 amps for DC and 5 amps for AC, ideal for performing light tasks. This machine features multiple AC waveforms to take your welding skills to the advanced levels, including advanced square, soft square, triangular, and sine waveforms.

The simplified design makes it easy to set and adjust within minutes. As a result, you have a smooth and stable arc for quality welds.  Featuring a 10Hz Advanced AC pulse mode, this machine offers improved penetration when it comes to thick metals. For thinner materials, it reduces the warping and burning.

The machine is equipped with an enhanced circuit, which minimizes the repair cost. Its advanced features make diagnosis and repair function very simple through an easy process.

This unit has a convenient Arc Flow Control ensuring the perfect shielding gas protection through its pre-flow and post-flow features. It is suitable for both aluminum and steel materials. Thanks to digital microprocessors for maintaining memory, pulse, and waveforms excellently.

Precise Welding Control

Featuring hot start time, hot start intensity, and arc force control adjustments make it a superior stick welder and allow the most satisfactory welds on thick and thin metals. NOVA foot pedal allows easy arc strikes.

Voltage Input

Having 240v power input, making this unit reliable for heavy duty jobs.


  • Exclusive low amp start
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy diagnosis and repair process
  • Optimum gas protection


  • Does not come with water cooler
  • Not portable easily

5. ESAB AC/DC Multi-Process TIG Welder

ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic ACDC Multi-Process TIG Welder


  • Smart MIG Technology
  • Light Weight Welder
  • Multiple Features – Inductance Control, Trim Adjustment, and much more

ESAB EMP 205ic is a multi-process TIG welder offering excellent MIG, Flux-cored, Stick, and AC/DC TIG performance. Being a versatile unit, it is the first-ever portable welder that works on both 110v or 220v.

Advanced Features

Integrated with an exclusive Smart MIG technology, this welder constantly learns and adapts the operator’s welding techniques. Consequently, you get high-quality, superior, and repeatable welds through stable arcs.

This EMP 205 Tig definitely increases experienced welders’ productivity through its all-in-one welding system and minimizes the training time for novice welders.

Besides, it is lightweight yet durable and portable, making it easy to take anywhere you want. The Rebel EMP with 5 handle roll cage allows the unit to tackle any kind of tough job around the shop.

The TFT Multilingual Display allows multi-language selection making it easy to use. To carry out different processes, it has 4 programmable memory locations. Its multiple features like trim adjustment, inductance control, and spot weld setting make it a useful machine for serious work.

The pre/post flow control features offer a secure arc increasing your ability to produce satisfactory welds ensuring the most optimal production.

Precise Welding Control

It offers a high-frequency start featuring professional TIG with both AC and DC modes. It also offers balance adjustment, frequency adjustment, and pulse DC to give you much more comfortable and better work.

Voltage Input

This unit offers both options 110v or 220v and supports AC and DC mode for better performance.



  • Smart MIG technology
  • TFT multilingual display
  • Pre/post flow control
  • Multi-process unit
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Very expensive unit

6. Everlast Power Pro 256Si AC DC TIG



  • Touchpad Control – Easy to use
  • Convertible into Plasma Cutter
  • IGBT Technology

Everlast PowerPro comes with excellent features, including the latest redesigned IGBT inverter design and digital control. As a result, you get accurate, optimal, and reliable welds. This unit is perfectly suitable for repairs and maintenance chores.

Advanced Features

The PowerPro 256Si features an innovative design with touchpad control to make all operations easy to use and handle. It can manage all welding projects because of the stick welding power with a full 200 amps.

Another interesting feature is the quick change out of torches for maximum and optimal performance. Therefore, it easily converts into a plasma cutter to cut and trim up any metal to skillfully accomplish the task. Then it goes back to TIG when needed. The unit features a more prolonged life PT/iPT 60 torch.

The PowerPro series is designed carefully to make regular and low dross plasma cuts on steel while ensuring the clean-cut to a great extent.

It is compact yet powerful, and TIG or plasma cutting features with digitally controlled IGBT technology offers great value for both noobs and professionals who want all-in-one welding demands. It is easily portable from one place to another.

Precise Welding Control

It has HF start with 250 amps amperage capacity, and the Everlast foot pedal kicks off the TIG and plasma for the finest work. The digital pad makes the process and feature selection easy.

Voltage Input

Its adapter permits you to run it on 240 volts only.


  • Robust TIG welding features
  • Simple interface
  • Dual-use TIG/ Plasma cutting features
  • Comes as a combo set
  • Reliable and portable


  • Water cooler is not included 




  • Multi Purpose AC DC Welder
  • Easy to run MIG and TIG
  • Fan for removing dust

Miller Electric Multimatic is a multi-process welding machine making serious industrial welds with some awesome functionalities. This unit is versatile and brings maximum and optimal performance.

Advanced Features

Being a multi-process welder, the Miller Electric comes as a combo of four MIG, STICK, AC, and DC TIG. It conveniently switches between stick and Tig applications to give you excellent and satisfactory welds.

Best of all, it features a QuickTech technology that is helpful to run both MIG and TIG at the same time while using separate gases for each process.

It is straightforward to activate two different settings on this machine, either pressing the foot control or pulling the trigger on MIG and switching back with ultimate ease when needed.

It is capable of welding aluminum and steel material with smooth and clean welds. To remove the dirt from the machine, it features an on-demand fan. It is efficient to perform both light and heavy welding tasks for everyday use.  It is lightweight and quickly moves from one place to another.

Precise Welding Control

This machine ensures a tight and consistent arc to produce beautiful welds. It easily controls by pressing the foot pedal or pulling the triggers through hands to perform different welding jobs. 

Voltage Input

The Miller Electric operates under 220 voltage. It allows both AC and DC TIG.


  • Capable of handling four welding processes
  • Quick Tech technology offers an easy to switch between multiple welds.
  • It runs on 220 AC/DC
  • Versatile and optimal performance


  • A pricey TIG welder

8. TIG Welder, Diversion 180, 120-240VAC

TIG Welder, Diversion 180, 120-240VAC


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Remote Foot Control
  • Fan to make welder neat clean

If you want a top-notch TIG welder and are not restrained by the budget, then Diversion 180 is the best option for you to have refined welds for everyday use, and we also covered the best affordable tig welders in our other guide. It efficiently does AC and DC power welding on mild steel and aluminum.

Advanced Features

This is compatible with both 120v and 240v making it a versatile TIG welder according to your requirements. Apart from this, TIG Welder Diversion features an inverter-based unit that efficiently runs on alternating or direct current power sources to accommodate you in different situations.

Another interesting feature is the auto-post flow. This allows the machine to adjust automatically based on amperage output. This helps save energy. It is lightweight and portable, so you can take it easily where it is needed to have satisfactory welds.

This Diversion 180 features a Fan-on-demand technology that smartly prevents impurities and other pollutants from entering the machine, affecting the machine progress badly. Going further, it has a digital display to adjust the setting easily within minutes.

Its multi-voltage usage makes it suitable for multiple use to excel in welding.

Precise Welding Control

This unit has an HF ARC start, which is a plus point of this TIG welder.  This arc start ensures an improved and stable arc during welding. Moreover, this machine does not enter the contamination when welding. Featuring a remote foot control, it gives you extreme comfort to have peace of mind when working.

Voltage Input

The Diversion 180 is a dual voltage TIG welder and functional on both 120v and 240v with maximum outputs of 180 amps.


  • Offers multi-voltage usage
  • Features remote foot control
  • High purity processing input
  • Fan-on-demand integration
  • Portable usage


  • A little expensive
  • The duty cycle is low

9. Lightning 275 AC/DC TIG

Lightning MTS 275 ACDC TIG with PulseMIGStick Welder


  • Includes Flux Core Mode
  • 60% Duty Cycle
  • User Friendly Welder

As the name implies, the New 2020 Lightning 275 is the updated edition in the MIG, TIG, and STICK series of welders featuring AC and DC welding capabilities. Surprisingly, it features auto-set parameters compatible with all three modes.

Advanced Features

This Lightning 275 AC/DC features a Power Set, a revised synergic function making this unit’s framework run on TIG, MIG, and Stick without any issue. It draws 250 amps making its features extraordinary as well as the performance to excel in welding.

The latest revised design allows the users to view, set, and use relevant settings simultaneously. Therefore, you use all instantaneous adjustments of common parameters with ease while reducing scrolling efforts.

Best of all, this machine features a Flux-Core mode, which offers the most common type of Flux core operations like shop fabrication, shipbuilding, and maintenance. Further, it includes self-shielding without gas flux core wires.

The available duty cycle is 60%, with a maximum amperage for full- tilt output, 250 amps. It is also capable of running at 120V to carry out a light task. But you will have reduced output without suffering from the lack of an available duty cycle.

To complete a convenient stack design, you need to add PowerCart 300 and PowerCool of 400. If you want a more relaxed option to operate this TIG welder, you need to order a water-cooled torch pack separately, which is definitely cost-effective.

Precise Welding Control  

The new PowerSet allows the automatic selection of the proper amperage and voltage to operate the necessary parameters in MIG, TIG, or STICK mode with ease. Moreover, it offers a few other possible adjustments to make it user friendly for novice welders.

Voltage Input

Being a powerful  TIG welder, it is operated on single-phase 110V and 220V when needed to perform welding tasks.  


  • MIG torch with Euro-style quick fitting
  • Equipped with stick electrode holder
  • Spare consumable starter kit
  • Dual voltage welder


  • Price is high


There are many more to consider in the final analysis before buying the best AC DC TIG welder except budget. You need to count the unique welding features and add-ons such as foot pedal, power consumption, durability, cooling equipment, and much more.

It also depends on power infrastructure, welding requirements, and more of your personal preferences. 

With a wide range of AC/DC TIG welders available on the market, we found PRIMEWELD  IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder is the best of all, with hundreds of satisfying customers around. It offers exceptional features at a reasonable price, making it everyone’s favorite.

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