Best TIG Welder Under $1000 – 2021 Top Picks Reviews

Best TIG welder under $1000 has become increasingly popular and significant with time.

For anyone looking to practice the skill, they must use the most functional and operational machine that promises to teach them how to do the job and brush up their skills.

A variety of products promising to do this can be found on the internet and in the market. This tends to confuse the buyer as the machines are available at varying cost prices.

Generally, a budget of 1000 dollars is quite feasible for most of the welders.

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BEST 5: Quick Comparison

Image Product Feature Price
Best Overall
  • Weight: 58 Pounds
  • Material: alumium
  • Power Source: AC/DC
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Best for Budget
Everlast Power ITig 201
  • Weight: 40 Pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power Source: DC
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Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD
  • Weight: 53.3 Pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Power Source: AC/DC Pulse
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  • Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Power Source: AC/DC Pulse
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AHP AlphaTIG 200X
  • Weight: 69 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: AC
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What are the best TIG welders under 1000?

Here is a list of top TIG welders less than $1000.

1. LOTOS TIG 200ACDC Review – Best overall

Lotos tig 200 ACDC


  • Smartest and affordable
  • Compatible with both AC and DC
  • Professional and amateur welders
  • TIG/Stick welding

It is only fair that we begin this list by mentioning a product of the most trusted brand by welders.

Lotos technology has since its release been the leading brand in the manufacture of the smartest and affordable welding machines.

Another addition to this comes with the launch of their TIG200ACDC Aluminum 200A Welder.

Made to be compatible with both AC and DC voltages, this TIG welder is utilized on stainless steel, aluminum, and very another type of metal material.

The 9.5 mm welding capacity makes it even better for welding heavier materials such as mild and stainless steel with optimal ease.

With Lotos’ long-term promise of making no distinctions between its customers, their 200A TIG is designed to suit both professional and amateur welders.

Through its easy operational techniques, the machine eliminates any chances of confusion in the beginner’s mind.

Meanwhile, its 200 Ampere rating allows the machine to be used for TIG as well as Stick welding, offering versatility to the customers.

Operational on dual frequencies, TIG200ACDC guarantees 85% efficiency at all times.

Featuring hand control and foot pedal ability, Lotos ensures that no material is harmed or deformed because of accidental overheating by the user.

Additionally, the installed square wave inverter helps in maintaining accuracy while welding aluminum.

With welding machines, their size and weights often make them unable to be carried around.

However, this is not the case with Lotos 200A Aluminium TIG welder.

Weighing about 50 pounds and finished in a compact shape, the machine might not be light enough to hinder its ruggedness, but it is still easy to carry around.


  • Compatible with AC and DC voltages and dual frequencies
  • Compact and portable design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Multipurpose machine supporting TIG, Stick welding, and Plasma cutter
  • Precise Aluminium welding through HF feature
  • Backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty


  • Foot pedal cord is extraordinary long
  • Machine required to turn off when switching between TIG and stick welding modes

Final Verdict

Like most of Lotos’ products, their Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder with DC Stick/Arc Welder, Square Wave Inverter with Foot Pedal, and Argon Regulator 110/220V Dual Voltage is indeed one of the very best machines at doing its job efficiently.

Given its affordable price and outstanding features, it is surely worth more than what it is sold at.

2. Everlast Power ITIG 201 – Best for Budget

Everlast Power ITig 201


  • Better and smarter than before
  • Designed to facilitate heavy-duty projects
  • Installed micro-controlled inverter
  • Minimal weight/portable in use
  • 5 years warranty

Everlast is another company that is gradually making its way among the top charted brands given their products excellent quality and performance.

Their power iTIG 201 is the newer version of its 200 but made better and smarter than before.

This DC STICK and TIG welder is specifically designed to facilitate heavy-duty projects.

Through its IGBT technology, iTIG 201 withstands high heat degrees while its low start function works to adjust this heat supply to prevent the material from overheating or deforming.

Many welders struggle with learning the complex control of advanced welding machines. To counter this issue, Everlast equips it 201 with easy and incredibly simple to use digital controls.

Additionally, the installed micro-controlled inverter boosts the reliability during welding thicker materials.

Everlast has designed this welder to suit almost every customer requirement supporting TIG and STICK welding and adjustable arc force.

Whereas its dual voltage ability boosts the overall output power provided. Finished in a compact size and minimal weight, ITIG 201 is also extremely portable in use.

The Lift or high-frequency feature of the 2019 Everlast Power ITig 201 DC STICK TIG welder is indeed its most notable quality.

These professionals brush up their welding skills further while beginners learn about advanced features and their benefits offered in the machine.

Everlast ensured that this highly functional product is offered at a reasonable rate and added every necessary accessory, including cords and clamps, in this unit.

Backed by a five-year manufacturer warranty, Power iTIG 201 is guaranteed to run for a long time without running into technical difficulties.


  • Reliable Micro controlled invertor to maximize longevity and look
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High and lift frequency start capabilities offered
  • Pulse feature for accurate heat adjusting ability
  • Simple to use
  • Backed by 5-year Everlast warranty


  • Not fit for aluminum welding

Final Verdict

Everlast has surely outdone its previous iTIG model with the launch of Power ITig 201 DC STICK TIG welder in 2019.

Given its amazing lift frequency start feature and easy controlling, it has quickly become a favorite of many welders and received affirmative reviews from most users.

3. Lincoln Electric LE31MP

Lincoln Electric LE31MP MIG Welder with Multi Processes


  • Flexible ampere range
  • Easier and quicker welding
  • Control the heat produced during TIG welding
  • Heavy-duty wire drive system

Lincoln is no unknown when it comes to the manufacture and sale of highly functional welding machines.

Through their guarantee of offering their customers the best at the least cost price, they have gained many welders’ trust.

Another product fulfilling both of these conditions is their Electric LE31MP MIG Welder.

So what is it about Lincoln Electric LE31MP MIG Welder that makes it better than other products offered at the same rate? Let’s start with the versatility of this product.

As the name states, LE31MP is designed to facilitate various welding purposes, including TIG and MIG welding.

Next, its flexible ampere range of up to 140 amp provides the users with comparatively higher output power.

This makes up for greater forgiveness during arc cutting and leads to smoother arc cuts.

Lincoln knows what a nuisance clutter can be, and hence it ensures that minimal splatter is produced during this cutting.

Are you tired of watching your materials overheat accidentally and having to weld them all over again?

You can forget about this happening again with Lincoln Electric’s equipped foot pedal controlling in LE31MP. This acts as a remote to control the heat produced during TIG welding.

Meanwhile with a wield capacity of 4.3 mm for metal and 6.3 mm for steel, you can easily slice through thick material sheets.

Inclusively, through the spool gun feature, LE31MP makes MIG welding of aluminum easier and quicker than ever before.

The most distinguishing feature of this Lincoln Electric lies in the heavy-duty wire drive system installed.

Featuring a completely adjustable brass gun connection, the LE31MP TIG welder prevents wires’ tangling and ensures maximum conductivity throughout.

Whereas the aluminum gearbox eliminates any otherwise obnoxious noises produced when welding.

With a dual knob control and sturdy construction, not only is the Lincoln Electric Multipurpose MIG welder increasingly easy to operate but survivable in harsh surroundings as well.


  • Premium quality construction makes it durable
  • Supports MIG, STICK, Spool Gun, Flux-Cored, and TIG welding
  • Quick setup and easy operation
  • Dual wire drive system protects wire tangling


  • No TIG torch included

Final Verdict

Although lacking an important essential, Lincoln Electric LE31MP MIG Welder with Multi Processes – Transformer, 120V, 80-140 Amp Output still manages to perform amazingly well in all regards.

Given its moderate price and versatility, a welding machine is worth a try for every welder and their welding techniques.

4. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD

weldpro digital tig welder AC DC 200 Amp


  • Digital design
  • Budget friendly
  • Perfect for professionals
  • Besides, It also uses for MMA Stick welding

What is a list of best welding machines without mentioning the name of WeldPro in it?

Over a long time, Weldpro has built a reputation for producing exceptional machinery and making them available at a budget-friendly rate.

Their latest Digital TIG 200GD also meets this criterion and succeeds in boosting the overall welding experience.

Developed to facilitate all-purpose welders, this Digital TIG ACDC is used for HF stick and TIG welding.

Whereas its both AC and DC compatibility makes it perfect for cutting through any material, let it be aluminum or carbon.

The easy and instant switching between these two modes increases Weldpro’s 200 AMP welder’s versatility and reliability.

Learning through their years of experience, Weldpro knows how confusing complex controls can turn out to be. Hence, they have equipped this welder with the simplest and comprehensive digital controlling buttons.

Moreover, what is a Weldpro product if not finished with the sleekest and smartest design? With thoughtful positioning of its foot pedal and amperage settings box, you don’t need to worry about readjusting your feet while altering settings.

Now let’s talk about Digital TIG welder features that are otherwise impossible to get at a price below 1000.

Equipped with upslope, downslope, and AC balance ability, Weldpro has ensured that it does not compromise on the standard and efficiency of its machine.

However, the utilized IGBT advanced inverter manages to outshine every other feature. Through this, you can obtain new ampere range settings and increase the welding efficiency by 30%.

Not only this, the inverter helps keep the size and weight of Digital TIG minimal to make it lightweight and portable.

With the installation of high-frequency technology, Weldpro has taken aluminum welding ability up a notch. Not only does this provide a better arc force but enlarges the balance control range essential for aluminum cleaning.


  • Multipurpose TIG and stick welder
  • Supports AC and DC supply
  • High-frequency technology for greater range and arc force
  • Advanced IGBT Inverter with the better amperage range setting
  • Reasonably priced
  • Backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty


  • Heavy and stiff torch quality
  • No lift TIG feature

Final Verdict

Weld has surely come up with a brilliant product through its 2020 Digital TIG 200GD ACDC 200 Amp Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse CK 17 Worldwide Superflex Torch Dual Voltage 220V/110V welding machine.

Consisting of the highest rated features, this welder is a dream-worthy machine for every user.

5. AHP AlphaTIG 200X

AHP alpha tig 200X


  • Easy to Switch between AC/DC
  • Come with rubber hose, Adapter
  • Pulse Function
  • 3 Years Warranty

Alpha has always come up with the most functional and advanced products in the market, let it be regarding their performance or price.

Their AHP AlphaTIG welder is another addition to this list and is essential for welder desiring to complete their project flawlessly.

Alpha makes no distinction between its multipurpose welding customers. Designed to be versatile, the use of this welder is not restricted to only TIG welding but also accommodates stick, and outdoor welding needs perfectly.

Are you a worker who prefers to do their job in natural surroundings?

If yes, then you need not worry about damaging your welder anymore with AlphaTIG 200x. Constructed using hard plastic and metal materials, this machine is incredibly durable and resistant to any bumps endured.

Now let’s take a look at this machine’s assembling ease and time.

Alpha has made it possible to assemble this TIG within a few seconds while exerting minimal work.

This saves hours otherwise spent on assembling the product and makes it well-liked by every beginner.

Furthermore, its flexible working ability facilitates both newcomers and professional welders.

The 200X tungsten inert gas welder is compatible with a variety of materials and contains a unique pulse feature.

Through this, you can avoid overheating materials by adjusting the total heat generated beforehand.

As the name suggests, AlphaTIG works on both AC and DC modes. What eases its working further is the simple operational interface that switches between these modes through a button.

Weighing about 50 pounds, AHP TIG is not the lightest of the welders but still not heavy enough to be conveniently moved around.

By using its advanced technology, Alpha has come up with a welder that effortlessly cuts the smoothest arcs without producing any splatter or waste.

With the affordable price it is offered at, AlphaTIG is surely something taken out of every TIG welder’s dreams.   


  • Dual purpose and durable welder
  • Both AC and DC compatible
  • Does not produce any obnoxious noises while in use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Backed by a three-year manufacturer warranty


  • Regulator requires calibrating

Final Verdict

AlphaTIG 200 AHP welder is one of the best products in the market.

Its efficiency and useful features have made a place in the hearts of every professional and beginner welder. Given its astonishing price and feasibility, this welder is indeed worth a shot.



Overview – Best Ac/Dc TIG Welder Under 1000

  • Beast Function on AC/DC
  • Modern Inverter Technology
  • Ck17 flex headed torch included
  • 3 Years Warranty

What is the better way to end this list than to do it with the fantastic TIG welder of PRIMEWELD?

The name PRIMEWELD is sufficient to speak for itself with its decades of premium quality construction and performance.

Their new TIG225X is perhaps the greatest of their welding products launched at the cheapest rate.

PRIMEWELD TIG225X is designed to suit every purpose welding need, let it be TIG or stick, offering the perfect blend between versatility and superior technology.

Meanwhile, its ability to operate on both AC and DC supply makes it compatible with a wide variety of materials.

PRIMEWELD has always ensured to upgrade its components at any cost.

Utilizing the advanced IGBT technology, PRIMEWELD guarantees everlasting longevity in its TIG225X 225 Amp welder. Whereas its volt connectivity on 110V and 220V provides better pulse facilities.

TIG225X comes equipped with a CK17 Flex torch, tubing, and dense connector ability, as the name states.

Along with this, the premium quality foot pedal feature prevents overheating of materials. Its simple and user-friendly controls further ease the ease and functionality of this pedal.

PRIMEWELD has always excelled in leaving no questions unanswered in its machine.

The TIG225X unit serves no exception and is loaded with the smartest of features, including AC flow up to 70%, upslope for ten seconds, and downslope up to twenty.

Backed by a three-year PRIMEWELD warranty, TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder is constructed from steel, making it resistant to bumps and impacts.

This adds to the durability of the TIG welder and makes it fit even for outdoor projects.


  • Works on AC and DC supply
  • Dual voltage operation
  • Automatic alter flow time control feature
  • Can be used for a variety of materials including titanium and copper
  • Ease to use the foot pedal
  • Backed by a three-year manufacturer warranty


  • Gas fitting is put together backward

Final Verdict

PRIMEWELD has succeeded in overtaking every other brand in terms of efficiency and technology.

The TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse CK17 Flex Torch and Cable is termed as the highest-rated welding machine, and it is evident that there is no lie in that.

Although it is offered at a cheap rate, everything about this TIG welder screams quality and class.

Buying Guide for the Best TIG Welder Under 1000

Choosing the tig welder is not an easy task as people don’t buy such types of instruments daily.

So before buying or choosing any unit, you have to pay attention to the following features. So you can get the functional and best tig welder for under $1000.

Input Source or Power

As we all know, the tig welder units work on DC or AC sources. Some units operate on the AC source, while some works on the DC source. Moreover, some of the tig welders work on both AC or DC sources.

If you need the tig welder for the different sites and are not sure about the power, whether it is 120 volts or 240 volts, you go for the unit that works on both AC or DC sources. It will save you from trouble.

Furthermore, if you need the unit to weld aluminum, you go for the product that operates on an AC source. While if you need to weld steel, then pick the unit that works on the DC source.

Output Amperage

The output amperage affects the process of welding. If the tig welder has 140 amperes, then it means it can weld 3/16 inches of steel in one go.

If the sheet is thick, then it requires more input sources. To weld 3/8 inches steel, you will require a unit that has 165 amperes.

In addition to this, before choosing any tig welder, you should determine your need first so you can pick the functional unit for your site.

Lightweight & Portability

Normally, the welding units are heavy and large in size. It is not easy to move such units as well as it requires large space to occupies.

Additionally, if you are a professional and have a compact place, you have to choose the welder that is compact in size, lightweight, and easy to move.

It is best if the unit is portable so you can easily carry it with you where ever you want.

Safety Features

Welding is not an easy job, and not everyone can do this. Before buying the product, ensure that it comes with all safety measures to prevent any mishap and accident.

Easy of Use

If you are not a professional and need a tig welder for your home or any purpose, ensure that you choose the easy-to-operate and user-friendly unit.


Always pick the unit with additional accessories such as water cooler, pulse modulation, heat control pedals, variable AC control, and multiple arc types.

If you can get these accessories with the welding unit, you don’t have to spend extra money on them as all these accessories are useful.


Last but not least, the price is an important factor. As everyone has set their budget, some have low and some have high.

Here we choose the products that are under $1000. All the tig welders, as mentioned earlier, are easy on your pocket and works effectively.

We hope our detailed buying guide helps you pick the right and perfect welder according to your need.


Purchasing a TIG welder turns out to be a confusing decision, with various brands coming with machines at different rates.

When such is the scenario, the user should always research about welders beforehand and make sure that the product they intend to buy is worth spending heaps of money on.

A thousand dollars is a relatively moderate and affordable cost for functional TIG and STICK welders.

For this, we have selected the best tig welders under $1000 for our users that not only promise top-notch performance at all times but do so while being available at a budget-friendly price of 1000 and below.

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