What are the Highest Paying Welding Jobs for 2021?

Welding is a trade job that needed particular skills, and it involves the meld of metal materials by using heat. In this process, a unique tool helps the welders cut, melt, and connect parts of equipment, structures, and machines.

Sometimes certification and degree are even required for becoming a professional welder. Hence, according to their importance perspective, welders are the highest-paid tradesmen.

Furthermore, their pay may vary based on the state of work, company position, and skills they possess using the best tig welder under 2000. We write a review on the highest-paid welding jobs after keen research work.

How much does a welder make a year?

No doubt, the welding occupation comes with the best deal of satisfaction, but at the same time, it is a highly competitive trade too that also demands certification to some level.

Yet, we had tried to cover all aspects, such as requirements, benefits, pay ranges, and hazards of a welding job as well. Hopefully, it will help you in making a more informed decision about choosing welding options. Here is a list of the 3 highest paid types of welding jobs.

1. Under-Water Welding

Underwater welding is the highest paying job with a high level of risks; thus, it comes with exceptional compensation. The welders have to cope with barometric pressure while doing welding in deep water. Despite all of this, mostly underwater welders enjoy the travel, challenge, and surreal working conditions.

This highest paid welding comes in two forms; dry welding means welding in a sealed chamber, and wet welding means the welder submerged partially or entirely while welding. So, welders have to undergo a training course.

However, they must pass a series of stringent knowledge and performance tests for acquiring certification. 

Salary Package

The average salary of welding is $60,000 to $100000 yearly. Although, typically, incomes range from around $25,000 to $80,000. 

2. Pipeline Welding

On the second number highly skilled and paid pipeline welders due to providing lifeblood to our infrastructure and they are always in high demand figure. Their work is also risky; they have to work on oil refineries and rigs.

Plus, they are highly demanded in the shipbuilding, aerospace, and automotive industry. Often, they have to work in hard-to-reach areas, so they have to be appropriately skilled and lay down high-quality welds.

Salary Package

The average salary package of pipe welders is $35,000 to $58,000 yearly. However, according to payscale.com, the market worth of a pipe welder is $60,000/yearly.

3. Military Support Welder

As a military support welder, a person has to work on a variety of different equipment pieces. He is responsible for maintaining, repairing, and building all equipment types, such as military weapons and vehicles.

High school diploma and specialized training is the requirement of this highest paid welding job. Moreover, the welders get many other educational benefits, like family allowances, bonuses, tuition assistance discount.

Salary Package

The average salary package of military support welders is $48,988 yearly by Paysa.com. However, according to Indeed.com, the salary package $41,076 yearly.

A handy table for Highest Paying Welding Jobs

Underwater Welding$60,000 to $100000  
Pipeline Welding$35,000 to $58,000    
Military Support Welding$41,000 to $49,000  

Highest Paid Welding Jobs in the US

Usually, welding jobs with more significant risks and in remote places paid more. Some of the best-paid sites for welding jobs are as follow:

1. Alaska

Alaska is home to a petroleum industry; hence working here means getting the best-paid job. It is the Midnight Sun land, and it’s an excellent place for a welding career.

For moving and building your welding future, this economically strong area is an ideal choice for developing your career. Moreover, in this place, welders have 30% pay hike benefits for working outdoors in the winter seasons. 

Salary Package

The average salary package by the Bureau of Labor for Alaska is $66,750 yearly. However, the average hourly wage is $12.35 to $38.13. Moreover, $66,810 according to CareerExplorer and $60,150 according to PayScale.com is the average pay.

2. North Dakota

North Dakota is well-known for its low cost of living and has a growing oil business that brings many opportunities for people seeking jobs as welders. Due to the oil boom its stands out in state economic rankings. Moreover, this place gives worth to the welder’s work. Hence, it’s a great place if you are looking for a welding job.

Salary Package

The average salary package in North Dakota is $54,500, and the Hourly wage is $18.20 yearly by the Bureau of Labor. Further, $47,000 according to CareerExplorer and $80,100 according to PayScale.com is the average pay.

3. Hawaii

Hawaii is a great outdoor place but withholding heeding weather warnings in it. Here are sixteen offshore oil drilling companies, so welders demanded place it is.

Salary Package

The average salary package in Hawaii is $61,800, and the Hourly wage is $28.00 yearly by the Bureau of Labor. Further, $56,900, according to CareerExplorer, and $19.85 per hour according to Indeed.com is the average pay.

A handy table for more clear illustration

PlaceHourly rateAnnually averageBy Bureau of LaborPayScale.comCareer Explorer
Alaska$12.35 to $38.15$60,150 to $66,750$66,750$60,150$66,750
North Dakota$18.20$54,000 to $80,000$54,500$80,100$47,000
Hawaii$28.00$56,000 to $61,000$61,800N/A$56,900

Skills Required for welding

The following skills are essential for all welders, in addition to the required technical skills:

  • Able to perform self-directed labor
  • Correctly adhered to safety and security regulations.
  • Excellent communication and record-keeping skills
  • Able to remains calm in emergency cases or situations.
  • First aid and fire safety knowledge
  • Able to work under complicated instructions


Assuredly, welding work is a challenging and exciting trade that demands several skills, a lot of dedication, and the best welding machine for the money.

Successful and professional welders are highly respected for their problem-solving abilities, toughness, and ability to manage work in risky areas. Our short review article will help you find the highest paying welding jobs in the USA regions. 

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