Hobart 140 vs. Lincoln 140: Detailed Comparison

Are you in a dilemma of choosing between the Hobart 140 vs. Lincoln 140? then you’ve landed on the right page. In today’s topic, we’ll basically cover the nitty-gritty of these welding beasts. In addition, both of these machines indeed share similar functionalities, but still, there are some neat disparities.

Moreover, two of these welding machines are renowned in their industry, and that too for a reason. They’ve come from the most reputable manufacturers in the welding industry at the moment. Every promising welder has heard about both Lincoln and Hobart 140 amp MIG machines.

Furthermore, there are exceptions for the usage of both products for a welder at work. Therefore, we’ll compare the two products side-by-side to understand these machines for a buyer better. We’ll talk about the performance credibility, durability, and in-depth features of these machines.

That way, you’ll be able to comprehend each machine’s purpose and construction. And then eventually decide which one of these appropriately fits your need. As a result, both machines work efficiently in their domains, ensuring the best welding experience.

Quick Overview: Hobart 140 vs. Lincoln 140

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Hobart 140
Lincoln 140
Welder Type
Welder Type
MIG, Flux Core
Duty Cycle
Duty Cycle
20% @90 A (18.5v)
20% @ 90 A
Input Voltage
Input Voltage
Max. Amperes
Max. Amperes
25 – 140 A
30 – 140 A
Process Type
Process Type
Mig, flux-cored, stick, and TIG
57 lbs
50 lbs
19 × 11 × 13 inches
13.7 × 10.15 × 17.9 inches
LCD Display
LCD Display
Price tag
Price tag
Home DIY/Metal Art/Professional
Home DIY/Metal Art/Professional
Current type
Current type
Welding Materials
Welding Materials
Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum
Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum
Spool gun ready
Spool gun ready
Manufactured In
Manufactured In
05 Year
03 Year
Mild Steel Thickness
Mild Steel Thickness
24 gauge to 0.25 inches
24 gauge – 3/16 inches

Hobart 140

Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V


  • Dimensions: 19 ×11 × 13 inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Compatible materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Processes: Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • Material thickness: mid steel 24.00 ga – ¼ in
  • Input voltage: 110/115/120 V
  • Input phase: 1-phase
  • Input Hz: 60 Hz
  • Current type: DC
  • Rated output: 90 A @ 20% duty cycle
  • Max. open-circuit voltage: 28 VDC
  • Amperage range: Amperage Min-Max 25A-140A
  • Wire feed speed: IPM Range 40 IPM -700 IPM
  • Portable component: Handles
  • Weld Output: CV
  • Net width: 10.625 in
  • Net height: 12.375 in
  • Net length: 19.5 in

Hobart has been leading the welding for a really long time now. As a result, its welding products are widely sold for their exceptional performance credibility and wonderful durability. Additionally, Hobart 140 is a supreme example of Hobart’s excellence in the welding industry. Withal, it comes with excellent voltage controls and all needed quality accessories in the package. 

Hobart Handler 140 Features

Voltage Control:

Welders love this brilliant functionality of the Hobart 140 welding machine. Its 5-position voltage control selector embellishes its versatile nature to a great extent. In addition, the voltage control selector sums an efficient and stable arc feasible at almost all welding thicknesses.

This feature lets the welder work on more precise grounds than most welding machines in the market. Adding more, its very stable and precise arc works efficiently to working upon all welding thicknesses.

Compatible Materials:

Another great feature of this first counterpart of this comparison, Hobart 140 vs. Lincoln 140, is its vast material compatibility. Of course, it is always important for a welding machine to have compatibility with most welded materials. And thankfully, this machine delivers exactly that.

It can about 24-gauge up to ¼ in mild steel, adding to its functionality. Moreover, the materials that are weldable with this machine are steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Most welders understand the importance of the most used materials compatibility with a welding machine.

Furtherly, that seems to be the strong point about this machine proving its excellence under all circumstances.

Self-protection Feature:

Self-protection is another incredible feature of this welding machine. The machine has a clever feature that protects its wire feed system from overloading or disturbed voltage rate. This feature keeps you away from worries during welding operations.

Moreover, welders will no longer have to change or reset the circuit breaker settings. But they’ll just be operating in peace of mind through this very promising machine.

Strong Performance:

This powerful welding machine comes with a durable wire feed that is known for top performance shot. It enhances the welding process offering welders a high value of precision from all dimensions. In addition, this industrial cast aluminum wire system exalts the speed and accuracy like no other.

A high-performance welding machine that can perform with consistency is really crucial. Therefore, this welding machine is top known for its performance sustainability throughout its operational duration. It offers you a strong performance that you all admire.

Versatile Panel:

The sloped control panel on the Hobart 140 offers you a high level of flexibility in welding operations. Therefore, a clear and visible panel to make adjustments in the welding process hold significant importance. And that’s something you’re getting with this welding machine.

Furthermore, this welding machine provides you with a phenomenal sloped control panel for enhanced visibility standards. That being said, the improved visibility lets the welders make exceptional changes in their processes.

Besides, it reduces the troubles that welders face in their progression to operating control panels.

Efficient Performer:

Setting a welding machine for the required task can take some time if not carried out efficiently. This machine selects drive rolls as quickly as you can imagine as a welder. In addition, it provides you with three grooves, helping you save ample time.

It helps big time when you’re on the loose with the period. Further, let’s understand the exceptional functioning of these three grooves on offer. The first two grooves are reserved for the solid wires varying in terms of size and length, for example.

And the third one is feasible for the flux-cored wire. That way, the three in-built grooves work, and it’s commendable how they’re reserved for separate functions. This keeps the welding machine clear and explicit about its functioning, and it efficiently does that.

Thermal Overload Protection:

There’s another protection/safety feature installed on the Hobart 140 MIG. But it’s concerned with the protection of the transformer this time around. This is because it is very common that the transformer gets heat up with prolonged operations but not anymore.

Furtherly, its system will provide reliable protection to the power transformer from catching thermal overload. Thermal overload on power transformer in most cases becomes a clear hurdle against the efficiency, so this protection feature holds great value.

Besides, it channelizes energy back into the performance domain for an exceptional and reliable performance that continues.

Easy to Carry:

Portability is one of the most discussed points for the Hobart handler 140 vs. Lincoln 140 comparison. Hobart 140 here is a fairly portable machine weighing about 57 pounds offering decent portability.

Many heavy welding machines make it difficult for the welders to move around for operations. But this advanced welding machine has morphed into a great portable piece of craft. It’s like taking your whole welding foundation from one place to other with ease.

Polarity Changeover:

Thankfully, changing the polarity of this magical machine is easier than ever before. You can easily change over the polarity between the solid and tubular wire. This feature comes in great importance when operating between different wire types.


Now let’s talk about the working of this promising machine. It operates off 115V standard current from the household with wire feed speed range 40-700 IPM and 50-740 IPM without lead. Also, its welding amperage range lies from 25-140 A and 20% duty cycle at 90 Amps.

Main Applications:

Your incredibly durable and versatile welding machine is feasible for countless mediums. It works best for an auto repair, outdoor projects, and household weld operations. The machine is impressive for both performance and portability making it a supreme machine for all welders.

Moreover, the Hobart 140 features a superior built quality offering wonderful durability. It is known to work even under extremely tough circumstances. That means you can go rough and tough on this welding machine and still won’t have to worry.

What’s included in the package?

There are all the important accessories included in the package. That’s another reason why this welding machine is so popular in the welding industry. It packs a 10ft HR-100 MIG gun, 10ft work cable along with clamp and dual-gauge regulator with gas hose.

Adding more, you’re getting a power cord, .030 in. contact tips, quick select drive roll, sample spool of flux-cored wire, and a material thickness gauge.  All these accessories are not the cheap/flimsy ones that most welding machines pack.

But these accessories work great and are highly durable with added quality manufacturing.

Why choosing Hobart?

Hobart produced its first welder back in 1925, and that’s where their success journey started. Since then, this company has gained a great reputation in the welding industry. These welding products are the true essence of supreme performance and consistency.

They also provide customers with a satisfaction warranty so everyone can lock the purchase with confidence. Therefore, every welder around the world chooses Hobart for his important projects.

  • Offers easy transport with 57 pounds weight
  • Its durable wire feed ensures the best possible performance
  • Wire feed system safety from overload
  • It also protects the power transformer for consistent operations
  • Includes all the related accessories in the package
  • A customer complained that its wire feed didn’t align with the feed gun
  • Complains that machine completely stops working periodically

Final Thoughts:

Hobart 140 is a reliable welder with its Arc performance and five-position voltage control. The motor’s safety is also covered with the power transformer protection from the overloading. Additionally, its jaw-dropping safe profile and durability make it a true welding industry leader.

Lincoln 140

Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V


  • Dimensions: 13.7 × 10.15 × 17.9 inches
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Max rating: 140 amps
  • Welding gun cable assembly length: 10 FT
  • Work cable length: 10FT
  • Input voltage: 110/115/120
  • Input phase: 1
  • Input Hz: 60 Hz
  • Contact tips: Included
  • Hand shield: Not included
  • Input AC voltage value: 120
  • Instructional media: Included
  • Wire feed speed range: 50-500 IPM
  • Sample flux wire: Included in the package
  • Wire feed duty cycle percentage: 20%
  • Input current: 20A
  • Input power: 120/1/60
  • Mode icon CV
  • Rated output 90A/19V/20%
  • Polarity DC
  • Output range 30-140A

Weld confidently with the Lincoln 140 with the flexible wire system installed on this machine. Welders can take this incredible machine anywhere with an easy setup design functionality. Performance is something that makes this machine exceptional from the most in the consumer’s space. 

Lincoln 140 Features

Adjustable drive system:

There’s always a probability of unexpected events in any case. But here, in the comparison between the Hobart 140 vs. Lincoln 140, we are discussing Lincoln’s adjustable drive system. So now it’s important to understand what that function actually is.

Basically, as the welders carry out their welding operations, they are often faced with wire crashing or twisting issues. This can be really frustrating for a welder to continue his job despite this dilemma. That’s the reason why Lincoln has introduced this interesting feature.

You can now work consistently without getting worried about the wire twisting or crashing problem.

Enhanced Performance:

It’s important to note that this welding machine packs a brass-to-brass gun connection. You might have known about the role of conductivity in welding operations. It plays a major role in strengthening the joints and welded parts of the materials in progress.

Without a proper conductivity process, it’s very hard to achieve good results from the welding process in particular. That’s where the brass-to-brass gun connection comes into the light. Its continuous connection increases the conductivity that takes place during a welding phenomenon.

 Noiseless Operation:

 Another great thing about Lincoln in comparison to Lincoln 140 vs Hobart 140 is its noiseless operation. If you really understand welding, then you will understand its constituents while noise/commotion is one of them.

But advancements and developments in the welding industries have left behind noisy welder machines. And Lincoln 140 is a prime example of this incredible advancement. This welding machine comes with a durable cast aluminum gearbox along with the torque drive.

As a result, this machinery makes sure the transformer or related components work without creating noise.

Reliable Arc:

Joining metals is an art of welding that is done through a reliable arc. Its forgiving arc makes it easy to operate welding with minimum hassle. In addition, the metals that connect through its incredible arc are unbeatable in strength. This makes it a really reliable welder when it comes to the smooth arc.

Some consumers face spattering problems when starting their welders but no more. The Lincoln 140 comes with a smooth and reliable arc functioning that starts its operation with reduced spatter.

Easy to Set up:

Lincoln 140 offers a great user value with its simple-to-use design. You can easily start this machine up anywhere without facing hassle with its simple two-knob control. Adding more, this welder makes a very convenient setup with gasless flux-cored welding.

This works its way through a deeper penetration and a thick steel shield MIG welding on thin gauge steel, aluminum, or stainless. Its excellent functioning delivers wonderful welded metals.

Materials Compatibility:

It must be noted that this welding machine from Lincoln has the same material compatibility as Hobart 140. This feature makes it a welder that is idealized by many. Now welders won’t have to worry about checking the compatibility.

A promising welder always includes compatibility with the commonly used metals, and that’s what we see here. It no longer the Hobart 140 that has the steel, stainless, and aluminum compatibility, but this welder has that too.

That’s maybe the main reason why these two welding beasts are confused when choosing. Still, Lincoln has this incredible compatibility with commonly welded metals, so you weld without boundaries.

Portable Form Factor:

We want to give Lincoln 140 an edge in terms of portability because it weighs only 50 pounds. Thus, in the comparison of Hobart 140 vs. Lincoln 140, Lincoln 140 becomes a clear winner because of its lighter weight design.

It is always blissful to have a welder in a lightweight body/structure so that carrying can be convenient. And that has been the case with most welder manufacturers. So nowadays, they are mostly concerned with developing a machine that is lightweight and efficient.

That evolution is starting to show up in many top welder offerings currently dwelling in the consumer space.  The supreme welder like Lincoln 140 is a prime example of this category.

Excellent Handling:

Handling your welder on the go can be really challenging for some. Most welders don’t feature a comfortable holder or a handle. There isn’t a significant difference in the Hobart handler 140 vs. Lincoln 140. Furtherly, both machines feature a solid handling functionality.

But Lincoln 140 here comes with a very ergonomic grip that keeps you comfortable throughout. Comfortable handling also comes in the light when you’re mostly traveling in different cities with this promising welder from Lincoln.

That being said, you can be sure while taking this welder out in the field. It also features a very lightweight body, so the handling experience is super fun and convenient for the most part.

Lincoln 140 Uses:

There are no welding limits when it comes to the Lincoln 140 welder. For most common welding applications, this welder promises incredible performance. You can confidently take this welder for fieldwork in farms and industries.

Its promising arc delivers maximum joint power without spattering troubles at all. Therefore, this welder is a fair machine when we talk about extensive welding applications in general.


Lincoln 140 features a MIG function that offers steel welds up to 3/16 inches only with a single pass. On the other hand, the flux-cored function allows you to weld on thicker steel up to 5/16. Welders can also swiftly achieve changeovers between MIG and Flux-core for better speed.

Incredible Power Value:

Your favorite welder’s power goes maximum of 140A with a duty cycle of 20% at 90 amps. This will allow welders to catch an eight minutes break after 2 minutes of welding time. That being said, it will do a great job at household welding tasks.

You can even consider this excellent welder for dedicated projects. So many people love welding, and they do it for passion. This machine will direct your welding hobby to perfection with its efficient performance and power.

Why Choosing Lincoln?

Honestly, Lincoln welders have earned a great reputation over a hundred years of innovation in the welding industry. Lincoln produces excellent welders that are power efficient and offers the best arc welding in the industry.

Their products are widely sold and very famous among welders, and this welder Lincoln 140 is no different. This welder will get your basic welding tasks done efficiently.

Moreover, this welder comes with a great flexible profile so that welders can weld without hassle. The welder is also a super-efficient performer making it a very versatile machine among most welders.

  • Brass-to-brass gun connection for better conductivity
  • Offers easy mobility and handling with purposeful design
  • A highly flexible system cuts down the probability of wire tangling
  • It comes with a 5 position voltage control
  • Features versatile arc with minimum spatter
  • Easy to get started with easy controls
  • The customer complained that the regulator came broken
  • Slightly expensive

Final thoughts:

Make your welding game strong with the Lincoln 140 offering drive system for wire tangling protection. You can weld effortlessly and in a quiet fashion with its aluminum gearbox. The easy-to-use design makes it a great pick for most welders.


Here’s the concluding part of our Hobart 140 vs. Lincoln 140 heated comparison. As you know, both these welding machines share some striking similarities in terms of each aspect. They offer spectacular precision in your basic welding applications.

These welders are best for beginners as they offer simple and user-friendly controls. Besides, these welders provide you with excellent portability with the lightweight design and ergonomic handling. This will help welders carry their welding machines with convenience.

Both welders provide you with quality arc welding functionality. Smooth arc welding plays a major role in the accuracy and precise results in the welding operations. Adding more, these welding machines are tough and resilient, offering high standards of durability.

Wire tangling and crashing probability have also been solved through their incredibly flexible system. In addition, the power transformer overloading chances are reduced so that you can take on welding with full confidence.

Both Hobart and Lincoln are extremely renowned in the welding industry. They serve as a huge name for their welding excellence and quality overall. Therefore, it’s tough to decide between these two incredible welding beasts to serve a wonderful welding job.

Our Recommendation:

In our opinion, The Lincoln 140 is the best performing welding machine with its limitless capabilities. It delivers maximum amperage and efficiency in the welding operation. Besides, its promising arc and noiseless operation capability make it a really top shot.

On the other hand, Hobart 140 does a great job keeping the balance between performance and access price bracket. In addition, it comes at a fairly lower price than its counterpart. This machine features a 5-position voltage controller with impressive protection features for a sublime experience.

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Common Questions:

1- Do Hobart 140 and Lincoln 140 offer the same output power?

Both these phenomenal welding machines offer 140 Amps output power in the welding operations. But it must be noted that the output of Hobart 140 ranges from 25 to 140 amp. On the other hand, the Lincoln 140 offers 30 to 140 amp output power.
As you can notice, the two welders have the same peak amperage, but the minimum range differs a bit.

2- Which welder is the best out of both?

The two of the welding industry leaders are impressively identical in applications and usages. Both welders are excellent for beginner-level welders, or they are even fit for welding hobby activities. But Hobart 140 seems to be the winner here with its lower price and easy operational controls overall.

On the other hand, Lincoln 140 is also a great welder but is more expensive than its counterpart Hobart 140. Hobart 140 also offers a more reliable warranty than the other one.

3- Which welding machine is more portable from the two?

It’s clear that both these welding machines are very portable and handy, but still, a small exception exists. The Lincoln 140 is the winner here with its 50lbs weight that beats the 57 pounds weight of Hobart 140. It only matters if the weight and portability are your prime priority out of every other aspect.

4- What could be the possible uses of Hobart 140 and Lincoln 140?

Your favorite Hobart 140 and Lincoln 140comparison gives out very similar applications. Both welding machines are excellent when it comes to carrying out domestic and field welding operations. They are renowned for more efficient performance and reliability for more accurate welding results.

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