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Do you also believe that white-collar workers have a high income than blue-collar workers? Just because they dress professionally and go to an air-conditioned office daily does not make them earn more. Sometimes, the case is the opposite.

The blue-collar workers can generate high incomes too. One common profession that can lead to this is welding. Many people are not aware of the huge sums of money that welding can help to generate. However, how much money is made depends upon the type of welding and the level of training.

Welding can be used to earn a living along with providing high standards. This is because welding is a huge business. Most of the things you use in everyday life came into being with welding, like cars, buildings, etc. To earn from welding, the first thing that one should know is its meaning. Welding means joining together metal parts by heating the surfaces until their melting points.

Types of Welding

The amount of money that an individual can make from welding depends on the welding type he pursues.

MIG Welding: This is metal inert gas welding. It uses a feeding spool of welding wire which joins the metal together.

TIG Welding: This is a tungsten inert gas welding. It uses rods to fuse metals and requires more skill.

Stick Welding: it is a shielded metal arc welding that is very basic and easy.

Hyperbaric Welding: it is underwater welding that needs a lot of experience and training. It requires great welding skills. It is very risky.

MIG welding and stick welding are very simple and does not require too much of a skill. Hence, these entry level welding help to generate small amount of money.

On the other hand, TIG welding produces a high-quality output, is time-consuming, and requires qualifications. Thus, it is possible to make more from this type of welding.

When it comes to hyperbaric welding, it allows generating huge sums of money because, in this type of welding, a welder’s life is at risk. That’s how different types of welding generate variable amounts of money.

How to Start Welding Career

The welding profession offers a great variety of careers. These are again closely linked to the amount of money generated. These include:


It requires basic welding knowledge and qualification. A welder needs to aware of how two metal pieces can be joined together. If you are at the start of this career, check the best TIG welder for beginners to choose a high-quality machine.

Expertise is not required since this career allows you to practice and make yourself better at it. This will further aid you in maintaining your certification and earn a reasonable amount of welding.

Welding Engineer

To pursue this career, an advanced degree in welding is required. This is because the engineering level makes you the leader of handling welding projects and oversee junior-level welders.

Moreover, CAD technology must be known to a welding engineer. This obviously leads one to earn a good amount of money.


This is the ideal level of welding that many want to pursue. This requires a lot of expertise and a degree in the AWS Certified Welding Instructor exam. Once an individual reaches this level, he can earn huge sums of money with less physical welding work.


This requires the completion of all the relevant requirements through AWS. This is the highest level in the welding career. It requires a lot of experience and education. Welding inspectors have a very high income more than that of white-collar workers.

How to Make Money Welding in Your Garage?

However, it is possible to make money welding in your own garage with some tools and ideas. This can help you earn a good amount of money.

You can easily make extra pennies welding in your garage if you have a basic understanding of welding. It can be pursued as a profitable part-time job.

This is because setting up a welding department in your garage is very cost-friendly when compared to opening up a welding shop. This is why more can be earned as low prices can be offered to the customers.

The first thing is to decide on a spot for welding and set it up with the equipment required. For you to begin, you must buy a 110V welder machine and a grinder of 4.5” and a 7”. These are the crucial tools required.

Together with these, a list of other equipment is also needed. These include a bender, a portable metal cutting band saw, a small press brake, a Hole punch, and a cutting torch for pre-heating purposes. All these necessary equipment must be set up in your welding garage accordingly.

Other handy tools required are fire extinguishers, C clamps, drill press, hammers, and safety tools like gloves, goggles, and welding helmets.

After this setup, an individual should look for welding ideas to be carried out in the garage. A beginner can work on welding projects like: 

  • A multifunctional workbench
  • A welding table
  • A coffee table
  • Welded steel stools
  • Cool and compact fire pit
  • Metal firewood rack
  • Pyramid planter
  • Doorbell
  • Welded bouquet
  • Metal rug

All these projects can be completed in a garage with less cost. These generate a huge amount of income for welders. The garage-based welders can charge less to customers and eliminate competition. This will increase their earnings further.


It can now be seen that making money from welding is not very difficult. It requires some skills and basic welding understanding. However, it is time-consuming to set up and explore ideas. But this time is worth it as huge amounts can be earned. The best part is that it does not require a lot of initial finance to setup.

As a welder gains experience and more certifications, he is eligible to earn more and more. As skills and qualifications enhance, the work continues to get less demanding physically. This means less hard work is required to earn huge sums.

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