TIG Welding Tips For Beginners

The TIG welding process is prevalent among professionals and hobbyists because of its versatility and flexibility. However, for complete command of TIG welding, you need to know some welding tips and tricks.

We have given a brief of tips and tricks of welding to help you achieve proficiency in operating the TIG welding. 

5 Basic TIG Welding Tips For Beginners

1. Start with Low Power:

Every work, in the beginning, should be started at a slow pace as the saying goes slow and steady wins the race.

The basic principle in TIG welding is to start with minimum power. Keep in mind too much power may cause the burning of weld, so you maintain the power setting at the level you can sustain for a reasonable time.

You should also remember penetration level matters the most in the TIG welding works, and if you get too deep, you may cause burning.  The technique of welding is important, but power levels are also no less important. So it is very much important to maintain a minimum power level for good results.

2. Comfortable Position:

The position to be taken for performing TIG welding can not be overemphasized. Always adopt a comfortable position so that you can do the job with little inconvenience and distraction.

If you are not doing the welding job in a comfortable and stable position, not only will you fail to concentrate on the job, but you may be exposed to the risk of harming yourself.

The process of TIG welding needs clean metals for the effective weld. There is no alternate to cleaning the metal. So you must have brushes specially designed to clean the metals such as stainless steel and aluminum.  You must spend few minutes cleaning for excellent results.

3. Find a Welding Instructor:

Welding is not an easy job as having a cup of coffee. It’s dangerous and, if not done properly, can be harmful to you.

So if you are a beginner, find yourself an entry-level tig welder and instructor and work under him. In this way, you will be able to be a good welder without exposing yourself to danger.

4. Right Type of Current:

You must be aware of the material you are welding and what type of current is required to weld that material. Generally, welding Aluminum Ac is used while DC is used for stainless steel, so choose the current accordingly.

5. Practice and Confidence:

Having full command over welding is not a job of one or two days. It requires a lot of practice, and as the saying goes, practice makes the man perfect, and this equally applies in the welding field. So practice hard and also be confident.

If you lack self-confidence and you fell into doubt that whether you will be able to do this task or not, you might fail. No matter how much you are an expert in that field, always believe in yourself that you can do this, and you will see the difference in your performance.

Advantages of TIG Welding:

  1. With TIG welding, you can weld not only one material but many. You can weld Aluminum, stainless steel, etc. So with the TIG welding, you have numerous options which increase its versatility.
  2. TIG welding can be accomplished in many positions. You don’t have to be in the same position while performing a welding task, and it’s not always possible to stick to one position. So no worry, with the TIG welding, no matter you have a vertical, horizontal, upward, and downward position.
  3. In the TIG welding, only one shielding gas, “Argon,” is used. So no need to buy any other gas. In this way, TIG welding is somewhat economical.
  4. TIG welding is equipped with a pedal to regulate the supply of heat produced by the appliances. You may face some issues during the burning of metal in the process. As you are not required to use filling material in the process, so you have a lot of time to produce good results in a short period of time. The pedal works in the process as it functions in automobiles. When you slowly exert pressure on the pedal with your foot, a regulated amount of heat releases will help you do welding work precisely. As you learn more and more about the process, the occurring of thick fluid will become minimal.

Things to Keep in Mind for TIG Welding:

If you ever searched for the list of tough jobs, you may also find welding is one of them. It’s a risky job that also demands precision.

So if you are new to welding, do not try to learn to weld yourself; this act can prove harmful. So it’s better to join a welding training institute and learn the whole job under a professional welder’s supervision. In this way, you can learn welding without facing hazardous situations.

The second thing you should always remember is protective gear. While welding, you are exposed to gases and sparks, which can damage be your body. So you must wear all recommended welding protective gears for your safety and security. Some of the necessary protective gear are welding jackets, helmets, glasses, and gloves, etc.

Proper knowledge and command over the machine are quite necessary. So you must be aware of the instructions to operate the machine including the safety things too, that how to put the machine after a mishap.

Different types of currents are used for welding different varieties of materials. You must have know-how about the material which you are welding and choose the current accordingly. For example, if you are welding Aluminum, choose AC, stainless steel, etc., choose DC.

Last and the most important thing is to have a ventilated area.

Welding must be done in an area that has proper ventilation; why proper ventilation? While welding, many fumes and gases are involved, and you are exposed to them. So a properly ventilated area can remove these gases easily.

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